Home Interior Safety

Babyproofing your home is essential in keeping your baby safe in the place where they should feel safest – their home.

Your dishwasher: This is a house keeper’s “best friend” and a parent’s worst nightmare. Make sure your baby is not around when the dishwasher is open.  Two reasons among many are that there are frequently sharp knives in the dishwasher and the racks themselves have pointed ends that could cut or stab your child if they were to fall on them!

Soft bedding: Fluffy blankets, soft pillows and bumper pads makes cribs and beds look cozy however they can mould around your baby’s face and suffocate them. Keep your baby warm with a swaddle blanket or a blanket that can be tightly tucked around the mattress.

Used toys and baby equipment: It is very sweet of friends and family to pass things down to you however, you need to make sure that all hand me downs are not broken, missing pieces or rusted due to old age. These things can harm your child so make sure you inspect the products handed down to you before accepting them.

Child-lock the doors and windows in your car: Not many people can resist the urge of pushing buttons, your children are the same. Unlocked car windows and doors cause hundreds of children to lose their fingers or even crush their wrists. Make sure that your car windows are set on locked and your doors are on child-lock.

Purses lying around: Please do not leave your purse or guest’s purses lying around on the floor. Children are very curious and can go into the bags, pick up the items that look like yummy sweets (pills) and take them. This is something so simple but can make your children very sick and send them off to a visit in the ER.

Plugs: Children love to experience new feelings on their skin such as sand, grass, dirt and what it feels like inside of a wall plug switch. Every single wall socket that is not in use; should have a plastic cover over it ensuring that your child does not stick their finger in the hole and causing an accidental electrocution.

Sharp edges: We all love our glass coffee tables however; your child’s head will not love it so much. Any sharp edges that can be reached by your baby needs to be covered with a plastic protection or foam protection ensuring that they do not hurt themselves.

Stairs: When babies start to walk, they tend to want to wonder off and explore the wonderful world. Please make sure that you have fence the top and bottom of stairways ensuring that your child does not fall down stairs or up the stairs unsupervised.

Pool nets: Kids need to play outside and run around however they do not need to fall into your pool and drown. If you are lucky enough to have a swimming pools, make sure it is covered with a net at all times or it was a fence around it with a lock ensuring that it stays closed and keeps your child safe.

Storm Shelter: If you have a storm shelter in your home, you need to be careful that the doors stay closed, or if they are meant to stay open, that you latch them open so that they cannot close on your child.  If you have an in-ground storm shelter, you need to make sure that the sliding door is always kept shut so that your child does not fall in and get trapped!  The other side of the coin is that if you DO NOT have a tornado shelter, you should definitely look into getting one so as to keep your children safe in the event of severe weather!  We live in the Ozarks, and so we searched “storm shelter in Springfield MO” and found a great company real close to us that was able to come out and install an above ground storm shelter in our utility room the very next week!

Lastly, best thing you can do for your child to ensure their safety is to keep them supervised at all times.