Car Seat Safety

Welcome to our first post here!  We found this gem of a domain and jumped ship from our old site to bring you a new repository on baby safety tips!  With our first article, we hope to arm all of you new moms and dads with good information on how to properly install car seats and what you should and should not do.


Ever wonder why there are so many car seats on the market? So many choices and you just not sure which one is the right one for you and the safety of your baby. Well here are a few tips and facts you need to know before securing your child in your car.

Rear-facing car seat– Newborns should always be placed into a rear-facing car seat till about the age of 2. If you are ever in a car accident with your baby in the car, the car seat will take most of the impact, protecting your baby’s spine, neck and upper body. If your child is in a front-facing car seat, their spine could stretch on impact creating sever damage or even lead to death. Your child should stay in the car seat till he or she has reached the height and weight limit provided by the manufacturer.

Choosing the right car seat– There a few facts to consider when buying a new car seat:

Number 1: make sure the weight and height of the car seat is relevant to your baby.
Number 2: If your baby was born premature or needs to be lying down when travelling, buy a travel bed.
Number 3: It is always nice to get hand me downs from our parents and friends however car seats is a bit trickier. You need to make sure no parts are missing or broken. The car seat has not been in any car accidents. Make sure that the label is still on the seat so that you can check that the model number was not recalled.
Number 4: When on a budget, you don’t have to buy the most expensive car seat or the 2 in one, however that does save money in the end, just make sure that the car seat you buy has got 5 harness straps to ensure proper safety when driving.

Got the car seat, now it is time to strap our little ones in correctly: Playing with the harnesses can be a bit frustrating at times. Here are a few tips when strapping your baby into the car seat.

  • Your shoulder straps must be in line or just below the shoulders.
  • The harnesses must be tight. When pinching the strap, you must not get a fold in the material.
  • Do not let the straps twist or sag.
  • The top of the chest piece should be at armpit level.
  • I know when it is cold we layer our children with thick jackets and pants however, when strapping them in, make sure they are in thinner material. The thick clothes can compromise the strap and safety of your baby. Place a blanket over the car seat to keep your baby warm and can layer as much as you like once they out the car seat.
  • Lastly, if you feel like the space between the groin strap and your baby is too big a gap, you can place a rolled dish towel between to make sure the baby doesn’t slouch.

Here is a great video we found from Consumer Reports that details the ins and outs of choosing the right car seat when you are making a new purchase!